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DBA, short for “doing business as”, is a formal declaration that an individual, company or organization is conducting business under a different name. DBA’s are also commonly referred to as fictitious business names, assumed business names and trade names. All these terms mean the same thing.

Typically, businesses are officially created when registered under the owner’s name. When this occurs, the owners often choose a name for the business and register a DBA to make it official. If your business is registered under your name and you intend to conduct business under a different name, you must file a DBA… get started

DBA’s need to be filed so business owners can use the name in contracts, open bank accounts, write and deposit checks with that business name. It also discourages competitors from using your name or a similar one… more reasons

There may be restrictions on your DBA choice. For example, some states may not allow it to reference a geographical location unless you’re located there. If you have decided on a business name and find out that someone else already has that name, you may still be able to register it if you are in a different industry or trade… get started

Filing a DBA is a good initial step in formally establishing your business. And, you’ll only need to renew it every 4 to 5 years, depending on your state. There are no yearly fees. If you want to cancel your DBA, simply don’t renew it… check pricing

3-Step DBA Formation

  • Complete the Questionnaire Fill out their easy-to-follow questionnaire, which was created by experienced attorneys.
  • Review and Processing LegalZoom reviews your answers for completeness and accuracy, prepares your documents, and files the DBA statement with the appropriate government office. If required in your jurisdiction, they will even perform a name search at no additional cost to look for duplicate names!
  • Final Wrap-Up LegalZoom will send you the appropriate documentation once your documents have been processed including wrap-up instructions to finalize your legal procedure.