DBA: What’s in the name?

DBA: What’s in the name?

By: Adam Pollack

There are times when a business chooses to file under a fictitious business name, usually known as a “doing business as” name. A DBA is used when business is conducted under a name other than the owner’s. It is also used when a corporation does business under a name that is different from the one that is registered in their articles of incorporation.

Filing a DBA has many benefits including financial ones. Most banks will not allow you to open an account under a fictitious business name unless you have filed a DBA registration. Once you have filed the registration you are financially able to do business.

If you are interested in the name of your business being unique, a DBA filing will help in that area. Since all filed DBA names become part of the public record, you can make sure no other business already has the name you have chosen. After you have filed, other businesses will have official notice that your business’s name is already taken. However, registering a DBA does not give you sole legal right to the name.

Any sole proprietor, corporation or LLC qualifies to file for a DBA if business is going to be conducted under another name. There is no limit to the number of DBA names one person or company may register.