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Why do I Have an Entire Website Focusing on DBA’s?

If you live in the U.S. and are considering starting your own business then you are indeed a privileged person with a golden opportunity. Unfortunately, many countries have so many obstacles making it more challenging for an ordinary citizen to launch a business.

For example, in many cities in Thailand, starting a business requires jumping and bribing your way through the right hoops. In India, there are enormous hurdles for those on the bottom end of the social ladder. Even in Kyoto (Japan), street vendors operating at certain temples pay daily dues to organized crime (Yakuza) collectors. In America, we live in a time and place where officially starting a business is a viable endeavor…for everyone.

Dedicating an entire site to DBA’s and running it for eight years isn’t the sexiest or most exciting venture, but neither is the notion of failing to act upon your entrepreneurial instincts. While DBA’s are a relatively simple business procedure, they are the first step to establishing your business. I am enthralled at what they represent, and hope this site helps put your business venture into motion.

I created this website, not to blast you with DBA information, but to provide in-depth experience and encouragement to jump on your business idea before it’s too late. Launched in 2004, DBAform.com is one of the most in-depth sites about DBA’s.

Good luck with your endeavor!

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