In a neat, little town they call Quincy, there exists a skilled photographer named Allison

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“In a neat, little town they call Quincy”, there exists a skilled photographer named Allison. Her passion for capturing beautiful moments is unmatched, and her craftsmanship behind the camera is evident. Eager to transform her passion into a profitable business that could eventually replace her day job as a preschool teacher, Allison chose to specialize in wedding photography.

However, bootstrapping a business can be almost harder than assembling a large wedding party for a photo. Allison understood the need to create a distinct brand identity that would resonate with potential clients. During her research, she discovered the benefits of registering a “Doing Business As” (DBA) name, which would allow her to operate under an official business name in her home state of Massachusetts.

Allison now had to think of a good name. She pondered several options that would reflect her artistic style and appeal to engaged couples seeking a skilled and reliable wedding photographer. After careful consideration, she settled on the DBA name “Enchanted Moments Photography.”

So in essence, her new designation would be “Allison Carter” doing business as “Enchanted Moments Photography.” She can now formally be identified under “Enchanted Moments Photography” in a business and legal setting.

With her DBA name approved, Allison then shot into the task of building her brand. She crafted a visually striking logo, developed a captivating website, started SEO efforts and established a robust online presence across various social media platforms. Through her digital platforms, she showcased her portfolio, shared wedding advice, and quickly followed up with the leads.

The DBA name, “Enchanted Moments Photography,” started working for Allison’s business, and she noticed an increase in leads for her business, including the beginning of leads for larger weddings and potential partners, such as a hotel contacting her for a quote to white label Enchanted Moments Photography in their wedding ceremony packages.

We had a chance to chat with Allison, as she is on the cusp of quitting her preschool job to focus full-time on “Enchanted”.
Question: How has forming a DBA enabled you to handle larger volumes of business?

Allison: Yes, I think I am taken more seriously now. I am no longer just “Allison the nice photographer”, or “Call Allison, she did our baby reveal photos”.

Question: Has having a DBA helped improve the perception of your business, allowing you to attract more B-to-B business?
Allison: Yes, definitely, larger venues now see me as having a better ability to handle the larger events and ongoing contracts.

Good luck Allison!

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